Stewarts Production Adventures Yr1

Learning how to be good at production

Almost According to Plan

Hey, I’ve stopped posting here years ago. Since then I’ve created a new humour(ish) blog calledĀ Almost According to Plan. I hope you enjoy it.

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I Love You Because

  I Love You Because has Austin, Jeff, Marcy, Dana, NY Women (All played by the same person) and NY Men (All played by the same person.)   Austin found … Continue reading

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Unit 4 and 5

For both Unit 4 and 5, I will be working on three shows Beowulf: As sound production guy I Love You Because: As a lighting guy Parade: As a sound … Continue reading

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SND 5: More Mics and feedback

Boundry Mic The Boundry mic is a condenser mic that is on the floor or on side tables. This is for groups speaking/singing (Ambient). It is used at a distance … Continue reading

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LX 4: Digital Multplexing

Previously I learnt about static lanterns. Now moving lanterns The lighting desk can send up to 512 signals. If you need more then you need to give the new ones … Continue reading

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Rig for Pop

Today we put lanterns on the Truss, we used Zarges to get up there. I finally went up a Zarge. It took me a few tries to get the confidence … Continue reading

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Rig: Using a Truss

A Truss is something you can put lots of lights on, more than just the bars. however it’s big so you need to carry it using motors. Make sure the … Continue reading

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LX: Harnesses

While operating the lights above the auditorium you must wear a harness. No one’s ever fallen but if you do and it’s during a performance you could land on audience … Continue reading

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SND 4: Radio Mics

Radio mics are mics attached to the head that transmits out frequencies received by the sound desk. Two types of radio mics are: Head Mics: Solid, if bulky. People can … Continue reading

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Stage: Counterweight and Hemp floor

The counterweight and hemp floor is used to lift things to and from the stage. The Counterweight floor This area is used to lift bars with lights. Weights are used … Continue reading

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