Stewarts Production Adventures Yr1

Learning how to be good at production

Basic Theatre moving stuff info

How to use the tallescope properly. Three people, two at each end while one climbs up. The two people carry it, the one walking forwards looks straight ahead, the one walking backwards looks up to see if the person at the top or the tallescope hits anything. The person at the top is in charge.

To coil something use your finger and thumb.

We learnt knots. I can’t remember what they are called. I can do two of them.

To carry flats, there are two people. The more space between the hands carrying, the more control you have (Especially higher up). To use the braces hook them onto the flats, loosen them until they reach the ground at a good angle. Use the weights to stop them from falling. Use rope to tie the flats together. Then look to the front of them to see if they look good.

To fold drapes get another person and carry it while making it as flat as possible. Never put the side people see on the floor. Fold one corner to the other, put on ground and flatten. Then hold both ends and walk forward, to the middle, put on floor and flatten.


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