Stewarts Production Adventures Yr1

Learning how to be good at production

LX 1: Basics

Behind the theatre is the dimmer room. All of the light equipment from the theatre is connected to here.


There are lots of outputs here. You need to be careful that you don’t have too much plugged into one otherwise it will trip.

The control desk goes to the dimmer room which goes to 15a socket outlets which then goes to the lanterns.

The control desk also goes to a splitter, then a moving light and into a 13a outlet.

Controlling the desk

When you’re on the lighting desk and someone asks you to turn a lantern on at a number;

  1. You type in the number of the lantern
  2. You press ‘at’
  3. You type the number that the person asked you to turn the lantern on at
  4. If the person says ‘rem dim’, you press that now
  5. Press ‘Enter

There are 5 types of theatre lanterns

1. Flood


It has a lamp and a reflector but no lens so you can’t control it.

Different flood lanterns have different field distributions

  1.  Symmetric: The lamp is in the centre so it gives light evenly
  2. Asymmetric : The lamp is off-centre. This means the light is brighter on one edge than the other

2. PC (Pebble Convex, Prism Convex, Plano Convex)


Has a plano-convex lens adapted for use as a lamp. There are two lens, a flat one and a curved one. The filament is in the radius – off centre. It’s aimed at the angle of incidence in the first lens.


It then bounces to the curved lens which creates the beam. You can change the light by moving the lamp and lens and make it narrow or wide. You can add ‘barn doors’ to change the light more.

barn doors

3. Fresenel (Frennel)


Like a PC lantern but with a fresnel lens. It’s a pc lens but with concentric circles, each at the same height. It scatters the beam so it has a softer edge. Is used when you don’t need to control the beam completely.

4. Profile


There are two types

  1. Standard Profile: Has one reflector. The gate assembly (Where the gel sheets and other things go) is evenly lit. The light then goes to the lens tube (Where one or more lens affect the angle and focus) and then onto the stage. Can have a pc lens which can move, which gives it a hard or soft edged beam.
  2. Condenser Profile: The reflector is now spherical, and there is also a condenser lens. Makes what’s in the gate appear sharper and cleaner.

Moving the lamp can change the light so it’s brighter in the middle or evenly lit. Although the light is shone in a circle, shutters can give it straight edges. They are an alternative to barn doors.

It can have an iris.

Profile Iris

These narrow the beam, but you lose some of the light. There are also gobos which are like iris’ but with different shapes instead of just a circle, which will be projected onto the stage.

Par can


They are cheap, and have a PAR lamp (Parabolic Aluminised Reflector) which shines the beam in a different angle depending on which you buy. They have a lamp, a reflector and a lens.

The light these give out can be strong so are used for strong colours and effects. However these can burn out with too much power. Because of the shape of the bulb, the beam comes out elliptical.

They can use ‘barn doors’, but on a Parcan they aren’t as good at creating edges.  But they can still make the edge of the beam neater.


Who distributes the lanterns

Stage Superstore: Flood Lanterns, PC, Fresnel, Profile,

West End DJ: Par Can

Who distributes the lamps

Stage Superstore: Flood Lanterns, PC, Fresnel, Profile,

West End DJ: Par Can

Who Supplies the lamps

Stage Electrics: All the lanterns


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