Stewarts Production Adventures Yr1

Learning how to be good at production

Stage: Zarges

To safely put up a ladder you need two people. You lie it on the floor and then you walk it up.

This is a Zarge

This is a Zarge

One person stands on the main part of the ladder while the other person grabs the other side and lifts it and sort of climbs down the ladder while still on the ground until the ladder is standing.

The person on the other side then grabs his side and walks backwards all the way so the ladder is standing. They both then get the two ladders connected at the middle by getting the two metal arms by the side and locking them on.

The person on the other side stands on the bottom rung and the person on the main side can now climb up. A third person then stands on the main side’s bottom rung and a forth person can pass stuff to the first person.

Zarge 2

This man is doing it wrong. Things may not end well for him.

Getting it down is similar but in reverse. Remember to push up the top.

Putting up a Zarge requires all these steps + undoing and redoing the clips.


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