Stewarts Production Adventures Yr1

Learning how to be good at production

Rig: Live it

We had to rig lights on the bars based on the plan. The lights have a specific picture

Flood Lantern

flood lighting plan

Fresnel Lantern

fresnel lighting plan

PC Lantern

pc lantern lighting plan

Profile Lantern

Profile plan


Parcan plan

To put a light on the bar:

1. don’t grab the hook, instead grab the bit the hook is on.

2. Put it on the bar based on the plan.

3. Tighten it.

4. Put the safety line on (The lantern must have more than one contact on the bar incase one fails).

5. Plug it in

6. Instead of leaving the plug wire dangling, you need to bungee it to the bar. Make sure the lantern can still tilt forwards and backwards.

7. If it has shutters, pull them out

8. If it needs lighting gels (Coloured sheet you put into light to make it go a different colour), put them in.

9. It’s done!

Theatre lights on a bar

When all the lights are done, you fly the bars up.


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