Stewarts Production Adventures Yr1

Learning how to be good at production

Workshop 1: Woody Steak Knives 1

First we got goggles, then we had an induction for the circular saw.

Like this, but yellow

Like this, but yellow

We were all taking turns cutting a metal tube.

  1. We have to first clamp it,
  2. Then we switched it on. You have to wait a couple of seconds for it to speed up, because if you start cutting straight away then you’ll damage the motor
  3. It’s the cutting part! Push the handle down. You can’t do it too hard or you’ll damage the motor, and you can’t do it too soft because otherwise at the end when you’ve finished cutting, it’ll fling the end piece off.

Now my problem with “Not too hard and not too soft” is that there’s no way to measure it. So I have no idea how much is too hard and how much is too soft. It’s like handing me a map and saying

“Ok, go north twenty”

Twenty what? There’s also the fact that I’m weaker than everyone else, so saying “Not too hard” to me may as well mean “Push as hard as possible”. Also here’s how to make woody steak knives! šŸ™‚

  1. First we carefully drew lines based on the measurements given to us.
  2. Then we proceeded to completely ignore those lines and just cutted it wherever the machine was set. (I would me more careful if I wanted to do something properly. It did look like the shape we wanted to cut though so that’s ok. I completely forgot what the machine was called though.
  3. Next we were cutting in curves. The machine was best at cutting in straight lines, so when you cutting curves, it’s still possible but you have to move the curve towards the saw slowly. If you do it too fast, it’s stiff and could break the saw.
  4. We went to the sanding wheel. Like the circular saw, you have to wait for it to go up to speed before you use it. We sanded the curve by pushing it to the wheel, but sort of to the edge. It helps to hold it to the edge because it spins faster than the middle. We sanded the curve by carefully rolling it.

Like this, but hopefully with better sand

There was another sander that span and went up and down, which creates curves inwards. It wouldn’t help us with our steak knifes so we didn’t use it.


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