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LX 3: More Basic Electrical Concepts and Wiring

Our resistance is between 300 – 1,000Ω.

1000Ω is with wet hands.

Power, Amps and Volts

0.1a = 100m – mili amps

Be careful because 0.30a causes the heart to fibrillate. So unplug the equipment before you open, and check.

Power: Energy (Measured in Watts)

  • Our Source 4s (s4’s) are 750W
  • Parcans are 1000W (Or 1 kilo watt)
  • Prelude’s: 650W


Power = Volts x Amps

Power equals volts x amps

This works just like the other triangle.

  • V x A = P
  • P / V = A
  • P / A = V

You can’t have everything at full power

The reason why you set each lantern to a certain power instead of at full power, is because if you have all the lanterns at full power then you’ll blow the fuses and get a fire.

Also read what you type into the computer, because a typo could mean the difference between 50 and 500.



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