Stewarts Production Adventures Yr1

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SND 3: Programming 1

In this lesson we were introduced to programming. Most people use Q Lab to run their sound cues. People use either version 2 or 3.

First when choosing sound types, it’s better to use .wav then .mp3 because the latter is compressed and computers these days have so much hard drive space that compression is pointless.

Keyboard Shortcuts

Command – S: Save

Command – Z: Undo


Things Q Lab can do

  • It can play multiple cues at once
  • Cues can have delays
  • You can unarm a cue – It won’t play, but it will still leave the gap as if it had played it.
  • Can have multiple outputs
  • You can have loops, including an infinite loop (Multiple outputs – loop – infinite loop)
  • You can have fade cues to fade the sounds out. (Drag and drop sound cue – set level, click stop target when done)


We need to make a sound story. It has to have at least five sound effects, at one point it needs to have at least two at once, have music and fade outs.

To do this we used music from the BBC sound library. I didn’t get to have music because there was no music on the CD’s, and I couldn’t log onto the computer. Here are my cues.

  1. London – St James Park – Spring afternoon lakeside activity – mid level – sounds played over top – fade after all cues are done
  2. Crowds – Busy Restaurant – International chatter, waiters – loud – Play over 1, fade during 3
  3. Bang! – Electric Alarm – loud – Played over 1, 2 and 4, fade during 3
  4. Dial 999 – Police car arrives with siren, idle, switch off – loud, played over 3 and stops before 5 – No fade out
  5. Hospitals – Heartbeat – 58 per minute, average for fit young person – quieter – over 1 only – No fade outs
  6. Bang! – Sniper, single shot from a position 10 feet away – loud over 1 only – No fade outs

I didn’t have time to do it this week, so hopefully I will get it done next week.


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