Stewarts Production Adventures Yr1

Learning how to be good at production

Stage: Counterweight and Hemp floor

The counterweight and hemp floor is used to lift things to and from the stage.


The Counterweight floor

This area is used to lift bars with lights. Weights are used on the counterweight end to hold the bar down when it goes as low as it can go.

There are already weights used to hold the bar to the floor, but for every 10kg added to the bar, you need another 10kg weight.

You can find the amount each lantern weights by looking at the information printed on it.


To use the counterweight:

  • Weights are added on the grid. So we have to lift up there.
  • First you check to see which rope you need to pull. It’s written down.
  • Shout the command “LX number unlocked” (Or something, I’ve forgotten these commands so I am guessing. I’ll update it in a later post.)
  • Unlock it with the lever
  • Shout the command “Heads up on stage, LX number moving.”
  • Pull the rope up (Pull up to go up, pull down to go down) so the people on the grid can easily reach the bar.
  • Lock it using the lever
  • Shout the command “LX number locked”

Since I haven’t yet been on the grid, the parts on the grid are observations/guesses

  • There is a different coloured weight on top of the weight pile. I’ll assume that always has to be at the top. when lifting.
  • Take the differently coloured weight off, and put as many weights as you need, and carefully so they don’t fall.
  • Put the differently coloured weight back on, again carefully so it doesn’t fall.
  • Tell them that you’ve finished putting the weights on.

Now back to the counterweight floor

  • Acknowledge them
  • Shout “LX number” unlocked
  • Unlock it.
  • Pull the rope down so it’s just above auditorium eyesight
  • Done!

I had a go at pulling the ropes. I am not confident on the counterweight floor, because I’m not sure about the commands.

hemp floor

The Hemp Area

These ropes are used for carrying things like flats on and off the stage. They are in groups of four.

To tie them up:

  1. Make an S loop.
  2. Wrap the rope round several times. (Do not coil)
  3. Can’t remember!
  • You tie them up twice. You just do an S loop for the bottom one.
  • Tie them up both for when the bar and thing attached to it is above audience eye level.
  • Undo just the top one so the thing attached to the bar is where it needs to be on stage.
  • We have to make sure that the bar is flat. You can pull all the ropes to the top so it flattens on the roof, or you can get it on the floor and get people to stand on it.

We played a game where we had to rest a flat on a coke on a stool using the ropes. I was pulling the ropes but not one of the people tying the rope. Unfortunately when we let go, the flat went too low and knocked over the coke can. To be honest if I was in charge of tying the knot, I probably would have done worse.


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