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Rig: Using a Truss

A Truss is something you can put lots of lights on, more than just the bars. however it’s big so you need to carry it using motors.

Truss 1

  1. Make sure the power for the motors is switched off.
  2. You attach the motors to the Truss using something that i forgot the name of. You have to attach them to one bar of the Truss to carry 2 tonnes. If you attach it to all three bars then it will only carry 1 tonne.
  3. Plug all four in. You bungee the wires to the truss over to the power.
  4. On the motor, pull the chain through and put it through into a bag that’s on the inside of the Truss. Do this with all four motors
  5. Double check everything
  6. Turn the power on
  7. To operate the Truss, get the remote. The four switches should be on neutral. Each switch controls a motor. Push a switch to make a motor go up. Push it down to make it go down. Shout “Truss moving!” and push and hold the green button to make it go.
  8. With someone watching to see if it is level, make the Truss go up until they tell you to stop.

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