Stewarts Production Adventures Yr1

Learning how to be good at production

I Love You Because



I Love You Because has Austin, Jeff, Marcy, Dana, NY Women (All played by the same person) and NY Men (All played by the same person.)


Austin found out that his girlfriend Catherine had cheated on him, and his brother Jeff encourages him to get a date. Austin goes with Marcy and Jeff goes with Dana. Marcy is free spirited and Dana loves rules. Austin loves rules and Jeff is a free spirit. Austin and Marcy don’t get along at first, but she tries to help him get back with Catherine, and tells him that his poetry is terrible. When she tries to get him to speak from the heart, they somehow fall in love.


Jeff and Dana got along better than Marcy and Austin, however Jeff wants a relationship with benefits situation, while Dana doesn’t. Jeff eventually agrees that they should be exclusive.


NY Women and NY Men play all the different waiters and baristas, but each ones they play are kind of the same character, which is pretty funny. It’s even funnier when they insult the waiter at the Chinese restaurant even though according to the audience, he’s been helping them throughout the whole show.


The lighting will be more challenging than on other shows because instead of having a regular set, we will have a spiny box with flaps that contain the background. It’s difficult to explain. So we have to light up each bit of the stage. For every time we do each scene, the box has to end up in the same place, or the lights will not align correctly.



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