Stewarts Production Adventures Yr1

Learning how to be good at production

LX 4: Digital Multplexing

Previously I learnt about static lanterns. Now moving lanterns The lighting desk can send up to 512 signals. If you need more then you need to give the new ones … Continue reading

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LX: Harnesses

While operating the lights above the auditorium you must wear a harness. No one’s ever fallen but if you do and it’s during a performance you could land on audience … Continue reading

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LX 3: More Basic Electrical Concepts and Wiring

Our resistance is between 300 – 1,000Ω. 1000Ω is with wet hands. Power, Amps and Volts 0.1a = 100m – mili amps Be careful because 0.30a causes the heart to fibrillate. … Continue reading

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LX 2: Basic Electrical Concepts and Wiring

To use electricity, we need to know about it. Not just for safety reasons, but also because we need to know if our rig suits the venue/s. Electricity: When electrons … Continue reading

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Rig: Live it

We had to rig lights on the bars based on the plan. The lights have a specific picture Flood Lantern Fresnel Lantern PC Lantern Profile Lantern Parcan To put a … Continue reading

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LX 1: Basics

Behind the theatre is the dimmer room. All of the light equipment from the theatre is connected to here. There are lots of outputs here. You need to be careful that … Continue reading

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