Stewarts Production Adventures Yr1

Learning how to be good at production

SND 5: More Mics and feedback

Boundry Mic The Boundry mic is a condenser mic that is on the floor or on side tables. This is for groups speaking/singing (Ambient). It is used at a distance … Continue reading

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SND 4: Radio Mics

Radio mics are mics attached to the head that transmits out frequencies received by the sound desk. Two types of radio mics are: Head Mics: Solid, if bulky. People can … Continue reading

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SND 3: Programming 1

In this lesson we were introduced to programming. Most people use Q Lab to run their sound cues. People use either version 2 or 3. First when choosing sound types, … Continue reading

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SND: Types of Microphones

Dynamic The most common microphone because it is light, cheaper than other mics, are tougher, and don’t need to be powered for it to work. Inside is a diaphragm which … Continue reading

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SND 2: Theory and teenage frequency

SND 2 A theory lesson Sound is vibrations in gas, solid and liquid. When you break the sound barrier, it’s called a sonic boom The time for sound to travel … Continue reading

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SND 1: Where everything is and types of cables

There‚Äôs stage left and stage right. Also auditorium left and auditorium right. The area above stage left (At least in Northbrook) is the hemp area (Pictured left), and the area … Continue reading

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