Stewarts Production Adventures Yr1

Learning how to be good at production

Rig: Using a Truss

A Truss is something you can put lots of lights on, more than just the bars. however it’s big so you need to carry it using motors. Make sure the … Continue reading

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Stage: Counterweight and Hemp floor

The counterweight and hemp floor is used to lift things to and from the stage. The Counterweight floor This area is used to lift bars with lights. Weights are used … Continue reading

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Rig: Live it

We had to rig lights on the bars based on the plan. The lights have a specific picture Flood Lantern Fresnel Lantern PC Lantern Profile Lantern Parcan To put a … Continue reading

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Stage: Zarges

To safely put up a ladder you need two people. You lie it on the floor and then you walk it up. One person stands on the main part of … Continue reading

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LX 1: Basics

Behind the theatre is the dimmer room. All of the light equipment from the theatre is connected to here. There are lots of outputs here. You need to be careful that … Continue reading

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SND 1: Where everything is and types of cables

There’s stage left and stage right. Also auditorium left and auditorium right. The area above stage left (At least in Northbrook) is the hemp area (Pictured left), and the area … Continue reading

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Basic Theatre moving stuff info

How to use the tallescope properly. Three people, two at each end while one climbs up. The two people carry it, the one walking forwards looks straight ahead, the one … Continue reading

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