Stewarts Production Adventures Yr1

Learning how to be good at production

LX: Harnesses

While operating the lights above the auditorium you must wear a harness. No one’s ever fallen but if you do and it’s during a performance you could land on audience … Continue reading

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SND 4: Radio Mics

Radio mics are mics attached to the head that transmits out frequencies received by the sound desk. Two types of radio mics are: Head Mics: Solid, if bulky. People can … Continue reading

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Stage: Counterweight and Hemp floor

The counterweight and hemp floor is used to lift things to and from the stage. The Counterweight floor This area is used to lift bars with lights. Weights are used … Continue reading

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Get Out: Live It

I can’t remember where this goes, so I’ll put it here. I took out the light gels by just pulling them out of the lights. Then some of us stood … Continue reading

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SND 3: Programming 1

In this lesson we were introduced to programming. Most people use Q Lab to run their sound cues. People use either version 2 or 3. First when choosing sound types, … Continue reading

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LX 3: More Basic Electrical Concepts and Wiring

Our resistance is between 300 – 1,000Ω. 1000Ω is with wet hands. Power, Amps and Volts 0.1a = 100m – mili amps Be careful because 0.30a causes the heart to fibrillate. … Continue reading

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SND: Types of Microphones

Dynamic The most common microphone because it is light, cheaper than other mics, are tougher, and don’t need to be powered for it to work. Inside is a diaphragm which … Continue reading

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